Scott Alert (AUS)

Scott Alert is a highly revered soul in Melbourne’s dance music community. This talented master of the morning ceremonies is constantly fresh and full of passion, even described by fans as an “emotion” rather than a DJ. One “emotion” not to be missed.

Scott Alert has always been going from strength to strength on the Australian DJ scene, and is a DJ that promoters can trust to play the right music, to the right crowd, at the right time. Highly acclaimed, his versatile mix and the way in which he reads the crowd results in dancefloor mayhem and the roof lifting off!

He has spent almost half of his life dedicated to both Production and DJ’ing, this has led to numerous appearances at some of the best clubs in Australia and further afield such as South Africa, China, UK, Northern Ireland, Malaysia and New Zealand, playing alongside most of the biggest names in the scene.

Scott Alert is the main DJ/Music director & founder of the most popular Australian hard dance brand Hard Kandy. The brand has already gained international recognition with events all over Australia and south east Asia with a long list of compilation, vinyl releases and an increasingly popular merchandise brand.

On the production side, Scott Alert saw huge success with the track “Go Away” on Traffic tunes Germany co produced with Dr. Willis, the track was featured on countless compilations here and abroad. The latest instalment comes with a collaboration between Mark sherry and James Allen who joined forces to release this dancefloor anthem on Spinnin titled “Lava Sky”.

Now with a string of new releases inc “Are you ready?” on Ourstyle (UK), “Futuresnow” to be released on Hard Kandy Digital. These excellent productions and remixes are starting to path the way to his well deserved success.

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