Scot Project Interview

DIGITAL catch up with Scot Project ahead of his upcoming show on the 12th October at Deluxe Nightclub, Auckland.

1. How do you keep your sounds unique?

Well, most producers have their kind of trademarks in the way they produce or choose sounds. something you usually carry through you artistic life. and of course there is a progress, new ideas and influences, new production tools, new sounds.. but i will pick sounds that inspire me

2. Where did the concept for naming all your tunes with a simple letter come from?

I think i had to answer this question many times :) .. my first Scot Project track was just instrumental, and i had no idea how to name it, so i chooses X (which stood for “unknown”) .. i kept this “concept” until now.

3. You have played at all of the huge major festivals worldwide, which one has been the most memorable experience for you?

I´ve played at many great festivals and have great memories. Sensation was quite impressive, open up the show with a big bang and indoor fireworks in a sold out arena.

4. Who are your favourite DJ’s / producers at the moment?

It is always hard to answer this, there are a lot of good producers out there, in many genres. Hard to pick just a few.

5. What has been your main influence to become who you are today?

The main influence was the passion for dance music in general, since i bought my first record i got hooked in electronic music. and a lot of genres and styles have influenced since, from trance, techno, house, drum n bass, disco and even hip hop for a while.

6. Where do you see trance/dance music going in the next five years?

I cant predict anything.. everything is possible. There will be the underground and the commercial stuff. Right now so called EDM got quite popular and a lot of pop artists who formerly produced only pop hip hop or rnb doing dance the last 2-3 years. I think this will become an overdose and wont last for long. The EDM hype will go maybe back to his roots, more underground , as soon as the pop stars cant make money with it anymore.

Its anyway a big problem that djs like guetta , avici, calvin harris etc are mixed up with the dj culture and club music culture.. They are just pop stars, their music is for the masses and radiostations, the girls can sing and you can even use them for karaoke parties .. they attract no real clubbers, at their gigs , all you see are just the mainstream people who used to listen to hip hop, pop or rnb.

But the underground will still go its own way.. and maybe it will turn back to the strict genres, the last few years all was mixed up, like trouse or other styles mixed up.. maybe people want it again a bit more separated, strictly house, strictly techno, strictly trance. don’t know , we will see :)

7. What’s in your studio, what is your favorite piece of equipment/software?

I used to work a lot with analog stuff, but since a few years its all main DAW is still Logic Pro, i use it since the beginning..I think i have nearly all digital synths, but work mostly with native instrument stuff and the usual suspects like Sylenth and a lot of samples from my huge library.

8. You are known for pushing the boundaries with your production over different genres of dance music. How would you describe your sound in recent years?

Yea, it is always a journey with sounds, you have to simply go with the time and the evolution and progress of music just happens automatically ..
My sound moved from hard trance to tech trance and right now i would describe it as hard progressive electro with trance influences .. its getting harder to tag music clearly these days, too many influences and genres mixed up..

9. How long have you been growing your dreads for?

I have them for quite a while, i think i started in 1999.. so 14 years now.. long time, but i´ve cut them in-between., they grow too much and if you start sitting on your own hair, it is not very comfortable :)
They are also useful as a pillow and in the winter it keeps your head warm, i still like them :)

10. What has been the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in a club?

In all these years i´ve seen a lot of strange things in clubs, wasted people, naked people, funny people, myself…. not strange , but an experience was a silent disco for deaf people, was quite impressed how they just dance to the bass.. looks a bit strange, but the fact how they can enjoy music in a different way was great to see..

11. What surprises do you have in store for the NZ crowd at Digital on Oct 12th?

The last weeks and months i´ve produced over 10 new tracks , I will drop them for sure , mixed with recent tracks i like and for sure playing some of my older tunes and remixes at the end.. a little journey thru my sounds and styles.. I am sure it will be special and unique, just like every night is unique :)

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