Nick Collings

Nick Collings has been a vivid part of Auckland’s dance scene for over 15 years now. He is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable deejays when it comes to the appreciation of dance music as a whole.

The quick guide to Nick Collings in 2011:

Nick Collings is somewhat of an enigma of the Auckland dance scene. Having achieved what most other people in the dance industry won’t do in a lifetime, from DJing at most of the major brands across the last 13 years, promoting some of the most diverse and niche events in both the all ages and R18 scenes, hosting 3 radio shows across various styles of dance music, having been at the forefront of music distribution for other deejays with his record store “Criminal Records” (1998 – 2008), Having releases and tracks appear within some of the bigger names and labels of the genres and now as the programme director at UP FM (

Nick’s main focus at the moment is to help develop a great team of people to take UP FM (now in it’s 8th year) to the next level and fill the void by having big room tunes with down to earth personalities on the radio.

Nick currently hosts 2 shows on UP FM.

Backtrax – Thursday – 10am-12pm – Dance music’s radio retro show. Bringing out the vinyl

Criminal Cuts – Wednesday – 6pm-8pm – This is what Nick Collings is about as a DJ.

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