Mirage hails from Auckland New Zealand where he co-founded FX Events and FX AV establishing brands such as Hard Kandy in New Zealand. Within just 12 months, Mirage had toured seven international acts to Auckland including industry heavy weights Alex Kidd (UK), Kidd Kaos (UK), Kutski (UK BBC Radio 1), Shock:Force (UK), Scott Alert (AUS), X-Dream (AUS) and Kardiac Arrest (AUS). In 2012, working alongside Innovation Entertainment, Mirage also toured Scott Attrill (UK) and Lisa Lashes (UK) to New Zealand. In addition, Mirage has supported artists S.H.O.K.K. (SWI), Nick the Kid (UK), Marcel Woods (NL), Josh Lang (AUS), Mark EG (UK), MarLo (AUS), Rodi Style (UK), Kamui (Ger), Hellraiser (Aus), Soul-T (Aus, PHD), Dr. Willis (Aus), Nik Denton (UK), Paul Glazby (UK), High Dosage (NZ), Karim (UK), Steve Hill (Aus), Daniel Ro (NZ), Sheldon Ives (NZ), David Ding, Future Resonance (NZ) and others with guest appearances at events in New Zealand and Australia including Hard Kandy, Digital, PLUR, Chemistry, Flipside, 3D Nightclub, Born 2 Bang, Warriors, Stereodays, Bezerk, Frantic, Ballistik, BLACK, Lifted, Wonderlawn, Abducted, Outbreak, UPfm 9th Birthday, UPfm Solar Series, UPfm Spring Break, Recognition, MeOw, SYN-FM (Harder Generation Show) and UP FM Radio.

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