Jody 6 (AUS)

Jody 6 has over 115 releases on top hard house record labels including Vicious Circle, Fireball, Nukeluz, Insomniacz, Storm, Toolbox and Fevah. His energetic take on hard house has resulted in big name DJs including Paul Glazby, Andy Farley, Ben Stevens, and Adam M regularly spinning his tracks around the world.

After beginning his music career as a producer he then got into DJing, starting of as a resident at the Tokyo super club – Code. Jody 6’s unique blend of uplifting hard house has resulted in his demand to spin at leading events around the world such as Frantic, Fevah, and NRGetic Romancer in Japan, U4ria in England, and Hard House Reunion, Frantic, Fevah, Hardbeat and Déjà vu in New Zealand. In his home of Australia, Jody 6 has headlined at major raves throughout the country including System 6 in Adelaide, Logic in Sydney, Energise in Melbourne and Hardbeat in Brisbane. In 2012 Jody 6 will be headlining at Frantic in London.

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