Fei Bian

Fei Bian has reflected his passion for the electronic sound since 2003 – capturing his fascination with trance and delving into the creation of journeys.

The early days were spent experimenting with a blend of melodic and tougher sounding trance. With a risky edge, Fei Bian carved up sets that pushed the tougher spectrum of the trance genre back then, often crossing the line into another realm altogether; hard dance.

Without any reservations, he continued to push both ends of the spectrum – craving the excitement and the drive for building sets that started in one sound, and ended in a completely different domain.

As his world opened up with shows, performances and residencies in some of New Zealand’s biggest events and clubs, so to did his palate for all kinds of edgy, twisted sounds that he would lace unapologetically onto the unsuspecting dancefloor.

Opening up with soft, emotional setters from the likes of Push, Markus Schulz or Probspot – it is not uncommon at all to find him ending off his set an hour and a half later with the twisted tech blitz from the likes of Kamui, or even a touch of stomping hardstyle. How far and wide he will push within a set can be marked with the sly grin on his face as he hops flawlessly from one sound to the other… never being confined by boundaries!

Drawing from inspirations all over, he tries and tries again to conjure up new and exciting journeys that will stonewall your minds to nothing but the music!

His hunger to digest any wide array of musical sounds has sharpened his ability to stay edgy, daring and unpredictable. The only start and end he sees to any one show is his ability to hold the dancefloor in his hands all the way through.

Today, Fei Bian’s fusion of trance and hard dance has met and touched the nights of many; from his residency at Kiss Nightclub, club events such as Phobia, Fricken, Genesis, Movement etc through to massive events like Pharmacy, DV8, Deep Hard n Funky and Summadayze!

Testament to his diverse sounds are the wide array of international acts that he has been enlisted to support; Cosmic Gate, Armin van Buuren, Filo & Peri, Kan Cold (Derb), Wippenberg, Yoji Biomehanika, Scot Project, Mark Sherry, Marcel Woods, Lisa Lashes, Steve Hill, Phil York, Vandall and Uberdruck, just to name a few.

As time continues, so will Fei Bian’s passion for dishing out dancefloor mania in every way possible, at any place possible. Fei Bian never ceases to impress reaching for the right tune at the right time with seamless mixing.

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