18.12.10: FX Events present Flipside featuring Xdream (AUS)

FX Events proudly presents FLIPSIDE featuring X-DREAM (AUS)


New Zealand exclusive first show!
Saturday 18th December 2010 at Area 6 Nightclub.

FLIPSIDE represents a new breed of hard dance showcasing talent from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. To celebrate the launch of FLIPSIDE, Jo Lee’s birthday (Area 6) and Greg’s farewell (GMT), FX Events and Area 6 are giving away a free shot and limited edition Flipside CD to the first 30 ticket holders through the door!

Preview of X-DREAM in action…


FX Events have recently acquired additional multi coloured animation lasers to feature at FLIPSIDE this Saturday night. These are in addition to the full colour animation laser, strobes, and other lighting equipment already utilised at previous Hard Kandy events.

Listen out to UP FM 107.5 for your chance to win “CD of the Week”, the limited edition FLIPSIDE CD, mixed by X-DREAM.

Congratulations to Malden who won the Flipside DJ Quest. You can catch Malden playing at Area 6 this Saturday night from midnight-1am.

The FX Events facebook group now has over 1,000 members! We have had a tonne of support which we really appreciate. The following five people will receive a FLIPSIDE CD and signed poster for their support. Jake Taylor, Cat Robinson, Sara Pearson, Mandy Suess-Ryan, Greg Wong.


10.00-11.00 Aflickion
11.00-12.00 Fei Bian
12.00-01.30 Mirage vs Dan Ro (Exclusive Set)
01.30-03.00 X-DREAM (AUSTRALIA)
03.00-04.00 GMT (Farewell Set)
04.00-05.00 J Shocking
05.00-Close Hardstyle Haz vs Bass Injekted

Zone 2
10.00-11.00 GMT (Eurodance Set)
11.00-12.00 LaSonique
12.00-01.00 Malden
01.00-02.00 Llewellyn
02.00-03.00 Gino (SOUTH AFRICA)
03.00-Close Logo vs Brett


R18 Event
Doors Open 10pm

Presales $20 + BF from Real Groovy and iticketexpress


Door sales $25 (reduced to $20 after 3am)

For $20 presale tickets direct…
027 733 7364 Greg Turner (Coast)
021 296 7917 Greg Wong (East Auckland / Central)
022 628 3828 Haz Thomas Morgan (Central)
021 146 7937 Neal Thompson (North Shore)


“If I’m not behind the decks, I’ll be on the dance floor!”

It is this love for dancing that originally drove X-Dream to master the art of mixing. Her stage presence is exciting to watch and her energy infectious. Every manipulation of her music reflects her effervescent personality and passion. X-Dream has the X-factor! With obvious skill on the turntables, she has the ability to keep the crowds pumped and dance floors full.

X-Dream plays uplifting trance to hard trance to hardstyle, but you will mostly hear her play her unique, intense, uplifting, banging, energetic hard dance whilst cutting, scratching, sampling and using acapella’s vocals to add her own brand of spice to each track. There is never a dull moment!

Jamielee – DJ X-Dream quickly became a force in Canberra’s dance music scene. Since relocating to Sydney, X-Dream has carved for herself a place within Australia’s hard dance scene playing and headlining at numerous clubs, events, and raves in Australia.

Supporting major names such as Cosmic Gate, Scot Project, Alex Kidd, Kamui, Walt, Hennes n Cold, Blutonium Boy, Kidd Kaos, Zany, Vandall and Proteus just to name a few! She has had crowds jumping at events all over Australia including MAINSTAGE TRANSMISSION, DEFQON, UTOPIA, MASIF, MAGIC CITY, SLINKY, DREAM UNIVERSE, FRANTIC, GATECRASHER, GODSPEED and SO MANY MORE.

DJ X-Dream has played at clubs and events all around Australia including Bass Station (Melbourne), Rise (Perth), 3D (Melbourne), Garden party (Darwin), Blackout (Bris), Experience (Canb), Blizzard (Jindabyne) Transmission (Canb), Time (Darwin), HVB (hunter Valley), Masif (Canb) and many more! X-Dream has held residencies at almost every major club in Sydney! GAS, Impulse, Sublime, Daydreams, Basscode, Play, Wanted, Energy and recently became an interstate resident to Family (Brisbane).

THIS YEAR DJ X-DREAM GOES INTERNATIONAL with bookings coming from the UK and around Europe! In August X-DREAM PLAYED @ BIONIC! voted best club night in the HDA (HARD DANCE AWARDS!), Ibiza and Amsterdam.

Being so early in her career and making such an impact with her amazing energy, pure passion, awesome stage presence and her skills as a straight beat-mixing DJ, DJ X-Dream is on her way to sitting equal amongst the biggest names in hard dance.


GMT has established a reputation for quality events, quality performances and just pounding the hell out of you with his extensive hardstyle collection. For over 5 years, GMT hosted Hardstyle Radio on UP FM and more recently co-established FX Events.

Mirage specialises in dark and euphoric german/hard trance. When he isn’t co-hosting Kaos Radio every Friday night 10pm – midnight on UP FM, he can be found scheming up the next FX Event.

Dan Ro sets and productions are always unique; driving, euphoric and energized. Dan has consistently headlined and rocked major hard dance events up and down Aotearoa and overseas. Dan currently hosts Ballistik Radio every Wednesday evening on UP FM.

J Shocking co-hosts Kaos Radio every Friday night on UP FM. Having established himself a reputation as a guru for opening sets with his tech trance, tech dance and hard techno collection, if there’s one thing J Shocking can be relied on for, its to deliver on the tech.

Fei Bian was quick to develop an ear for broad spectrum hard dance and became a driving force behind Pharmacy NZ and DV8 dance parties. Fei Bian never ceases to impress reaching for the right tune at the right time with seamless mixing.

Hardstyle Haz can be counted on to ensure maximum party atmosphere during his performances. Having lived and breathed reverse bass hardstyle in Singapore and Melbourne, Haz is sure to make an impression.

Bass Injekted spins vinyl hardstyle sets in their purest form. Hardstyle, hardstyle or hardstyle. You decide.

Aflickion is tasked with setting the atmosphere. His dark techno sets draw inspiration from some of the most exclusive underground German techno clubs. When Flick’s not hosing his radio show on UP FM each week, he can be found working full time behind the scenes.

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