06.06.10: Hard Kandy featuring Alex Kidd (UK), Kidd Kaos (UK) and Scott Alert (AUS)

FX Events proudly present HARD KANDY featuring ALEX KIDD (UK) and KIDD KAOS (UK)

Sunday 6th June Queens Birthday Weekend 2010
Area 6, Newmarket
Kiddfectious World Tour 2010
Multi Award Winning International Artists
New Zealand exclusive first show!

ALEX KIDD (UK) Kiddfectious Recordings
#1 DJ at the Hard Dance Awards 2007, 2008
#1 party animal at the Hard Dance Awards 2008

KIDD KAOS (UK) K405 Records
#1 new face at the Hard Dance Awards 2009

Zone 1
10.00-11.00 J Shocking
11.00-11.30 Scott Alert
11.30-12.30 Mirage
12.30-03:00 ALEX KIDD (UK) & KIDD KAOS (UK)
03.00-04.00 GMT
04.00-05.00 Hardstyle Haz
05.00-06.00 RP

Zone 2
10.00-11.00 Techarob
11.00-12.00 Logo
12.00-01.30 David Ding
01.30-02.30 Abbra
02.30-03.00 Haze
03.00-04.00 Fei Bian
04.00-Close Will Kearney



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